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Some Cooking Recipes (Indian Cooking):

Sahi Paneer:

Choola Palak:

Daal Makhani:

Get whole urad dal + rajma ( 3:1) .
Boil them in water, add salt, ginger, garlic while boiling. cook properly.
For tadka - chop 1 onion, 2-3 tomatoes, few red chilli. Add posder heeng. Fry in cummin seeds, cinamom.
Add red pepper, haldi powder and dhnaiya powder.

Make tadka in ghee/butter, then add tadka to dal. Add some lemon juice and some cream.

Pakoras : 
1 cup of (Besan) Gram flour, 1 onion chopped , 1 small piece of ginger chopped (or ginger paste).
1 spoon red chili powder, 1 spoon oregano dry. Salt  to Taste. 1/2 spoon of baking powder.
Mix all Pakora ingredients listed above in appropriate (1/2 cup) amount of water.
Heat Olive oil in a kadhai or wok. Take small amount of paste in hand & drop small balls of it.
Deep fry the mixture till golden brown.Drain .

1 cup Yogurt  and 1/4 cup Gram Flour. Red chili whole/paste and salt  to taste.
Olive oil (2 spoon). Mustard seeds, and half spoon of fenugreek seeds and turmeric powder.
Beat Yogurt & Gram Flour (1:4) thick without any lumps.
Heat Olive oil in a deep pan or kadhai or wok, add mustard seeds,  red chili if using whole, & fenugreek seeds.
Add Yogurt mixture ,bring to boil & simmer for about 10-15 minutes.
Keep Stirring to prevent lumps.
Add Pakoras & again simmer for about 5 miuntes.
Adjust the Seasoning & serve hot with Steamed rice.

Pav Bhaji:
Peel 3-4 potatoes, chop 1 ghobi (cauliflower). (Optional) Get some frozen mix vegitables.
Boil all of the above in a cooker, cool it down and mash it all in one.
Chop 1 onion, 2 tomatoes and some green chillies (very fine)
Fry oil (olive oil for good health) in a deep pan. Fry cummin seeds and mustard in it, and then add ginger garlic paste
Add chopped onions, tomatoes and chillies into it too, fry it well till all is brown. Then, add mashed stuff.
Put salt to taste, and Pav Bhaji Masala (main item).
Keep stiring, mixing till it gets cooked well (taste it to make sure)
Garnish with some butter topping and lemon drops.
You are done with nice Pav Bhaji. Generally for 4-5 potatoes take 1 onion and 2-3 tomatoes. 1 cauliflower and a packet of mix veg.

Baigan Ka Bharta (Mashed  Eggplant):


Take 2 cups of Poha & wash & drain it.
Heat Olive Oil in a deep pan or kadhai and season with 1 spoon mustard, 1 spoon cumin seeds, few curry leaves.
Cut 1 Onion into very fine pieces, and add it to hot oil & fry till translucent.
Finely chop 3 tomatoes and add it to fried onion in the pan. Add powder tumeric and salt&sugar to taste & fry it nicely.
Finally add Poha & mix gently. Serve hot as a light meal.

(No Water)
Add 1 big spoon oil in a deep cooking pan, cut onion into pieces and add it to warm oil. Do not fry too much.
Add powder turmeric, powder methi (1/2 spoon), powder saunf, powder dhaniya, zeera, haldi (1+ spoon).
Add kalunji (1/4 spoon) .
Cut 1 Onion into peices and add it to hot oil, and fry till it get brown.
Cut karela into small pieces of coin shapes, and add them to the fried masala and oil in the pan. Add salt to taste.
Last but not the least, add powder mango (1+ spoon) which is used to kill sourness of karela, add it till the taste becomes good.

Aaloo Palak: (No Water)
Get 4 aalo and cut them into fine pieces (about 1cm in any side).
Get 1 onion and cut into pieces. Add 2-3 finely chopped green chillies.
Cut Spinach.
Add 1+ spoon of Olive Oil in a deep pan, warm it and add chopped onion and chillies to it. Fry till they becoem brown.
Add cut potatos to it and salt to taste.  Add powder turmeric and red chilli powder. Fry for a while.
Add Spinach and fry till cooked.

Aaloo methi: NWater
1 big spoon oil.
Garlic + Green Chillies -> Fry + Aaalo cut into fine peices + salt + chillies + methi.

Bandh gobhi: Nwater
Oil + Haldi + Dhaniya + Mirchi + Potato cut into pieces + Fry + Add cabbage + Salt to to taste. Fry on low heat.

Bhindi: NWater
Oil + Haldi + Dhaniya + Mirchi + Onion cut into peices + Put bhindi cut into pieces + salt to taste. Fry on low heat.

Torroai: NWater
like bandh gobhi.

Aaloo Gobhi:
Oil + Haldi + Mirchi + Dhaniya (all powder) + garam masala.
Add tomato cut into pieces. Fry till melt. Add little salt to melt it. Add ghobi and aalo (cut into peices). Add salt to taste. Fry for a while.  Add water and cook.

Aaloo Matar, Aalo Bengan.
like aaloo gobhi.

Oil + Zeera fry + haldi mirchi dhaniya (garama masala) + Tamatar and fry.
Lauki cut into peices and add. Add little water to it.

Gawar ki Fali:
oil + haldi + mirchi + dhaniya. Fali cut into peices and fry. Add salt to taste. Add water and cook.