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I like:

Cricket,  unlike dreaming, I started following cricket quite late. The first tournament that I remember partially was World Championship in Australia 1985, in which Ravi Shastri won that "Champion of Champions" Audi 100.  And, it is the World Cup 1992 that is the first tournament I followed completely. After that, there is no looking back. It is all started with the thrill of one-day  matches, and very soon I developed favoritism for few batsmen such as Azhar. In the meantime, I heard a lot about  Sachin Tendulkar, but unfortunately, I never got a chance to see his "genius" till World Cup 1999.  Till then, I saw his matches in which he performed average, once I got a chance to see a match from a closer distance, I went to  to Green Park Stadium, that was India vs. Zimbabwe World Cup 1996 match in which he was clean bowled for just three runs by Heath Streak, while he was trying to play a cross bat shot. I still remember, it was pin-drop silence throughout the stadium. That was the first time I experienced his effect on Indian cricket, believe me it is not a normal person's job to force a pin-drop silence when the size of the crowd is around 40,000.  Poor me, I missed all the great innings that he played till World Cup 1999. I missed the match against Australia at Sharjah on 24 April 1998, in which he scored match winning century.   I am fortunate to watch Sachin Tendulkar, "the bloody phenomenon" batsmen as some author puts it. I am glad that I am also in his fan-club now. On other hand, the BCCI (Board for Control for Cricket in India) is marred by bad polit(r)ic(k)s, which reduces the national interest in the team and sport, as it becomes more of a private organization which do not care about the people of the nation. On personal front, I am also the president of the cricket club, a student organization at Iowa State University, it is a very vibrant and happening club serving the whole campus especially desi people.

Movies, I like all kind of movies (there has to be countable number of movies I cannot watch).  I can watch my favorite ones any number of times. Since, last three years, I have been watching loads of Hollywood movies, so when it comes to movies, I prefer not to mix (and never to compare) Hollywood and Bollywood (Bombay based Indian film industry, Bombay is now called Mumbai), because Hollywood is so matured and tech savvy, and Bollywood is so 'desi' (though some movies require you not to use your eye to brain and ear to brain connections at all, but that is ok :). My favorite Bollywood actor is Amitabh Bachchan (Filmography).

Cooking, is a new found interest. I have learnt a lot from my friends (like Vipul) and of course Internet. I am still learning. I can cook Daal Makhani, Sahi Paneer etc. Here are some recipes I use.

Dreaming, I love dreaming, I can dream at any place, at any time. And, I like to sleep a lot if allowed to do so. I love music, and all kind of music, once I have tuned my ears to that kind.

Rain. Walking in rain is pretty 'cool' for me.